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Qwane Biosciences SA develops and sells Micro-Electrode Array (MEA) biochips for basic research in electrophysiology, secondary drug screening and safety pharmacology applications. Read more

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MEA biochips are devices comprising micro-fabricated metal electrodes that allow the direct measurement of electrical activity from neurons and cardiomyocytes. The large number of electrodes per well enable the detailed study of network and signal propagation characteristics. Qwane Biosciences provides unique 3D tip-shaped MEA biochips best suited for monitoring of acute tissue slice preparations. Read more

MEA60 Biochip
Single well MEA biochips

Please visit «  MEA Products » to find out more about our low noise MEA products as well as all our available MEA electrode configurations, including our indium-tin oxide (ITO) based transparent electrode material devices.


MEA biochips are used to produce in vitro models of the central nervous system or heart preparations. They are employed in basic neurosciences research applications, drug discovery, as well as for evaluation of effects and toxicity of compounds on tissue and cell cultures.